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Why you’re not getting more reviews and what you can do about it.

Why you’re not getting more reviews and what you can do about it.

So let’s get one thing straight before we even get started. Getting some magical number of google reviews is NEVER going to solve your local SEO problems. I don’t know who put that in your head, but it’s a very small part of the algorithm for local search. That’s an entirely different conversation we can have later.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about getting more reviews and how you’re probably approaching them all wrong.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls.

I spent a good 5 years of my life arguing with business owners about one thing, they want google reviews and they want them all right now. And I can tell you the ones that listened to me are reaping the benefits of my recommendations. 

The people that didn’t are still chasing those waterfalls trying to get a google review from every single customer every single time they have an interaction with their company. Just like when you’re dating someone new, the harder you chase, the less likely you’re going to get what you want.

Reviews aren’t about your company, they’re about the customer.

When you realize this one truth, you’ll start looking at reviews totally different. And then you’ll get the results you’re looking for. 

But what do I mean by that? Getting more reviews on Google, Facebook or wherever is all upside for you. When you get more reviews you get a little more social proof, ego boost, things you can show off to your prospects about why you’re so awesome.

But when a customer leaves you a positive review, there’s a hidden psychological benefit to your company that you probably don’t even realize exists. When Karen takes that extra step and leaves a 5-star google review it’s just like putting a political sign up in her front yard, or a bumper sticker on her Prius. 

She has put out into the universe that she supports your business, and unless you royally screw up in the future, she will probably give you “dark referrals” forever. 

WTF is a dark referral? I don’t know, it’s a name I just made up for referrals you can’t track. 

When a friend mentions they’re considering buying a new house, she’ll probably chime in that they should probably call your agency. 

When they’re at work and someone complains about how poorly their 1-800-number insurance handled their claim, she’ll be there to tell the story about how you were there helping board up windows the night a squirrel almost burned down her house.

That is the real superpower of getting google reviews. Not some stupid SEO myth.

But, really how do I get more reviews?

Want the truth? Be a good human being to your customers. First and foremost, providing exceptional customer experience is the number one hack to getting more reviews. Some people are that “promoter” personality so it will come naturally to them. 

But for the rest of your customers that aren’t those natural promoters, you’re going to have to ask for them!

There’s a few times every customer should be asked for a review, the first one is within 30-60 days of a new household’s policy binding. 

People are more likely to leave a review after their most recent positive experience with your company. I like to give them a few weeks after the policy is bound because more than likely they just moved into a new house, or bought a new car, or had some other major life change, hence the reason for buying insurance from you.

If you’re using tools like Better Agency you can even tell if someone has left a google review in the past. So you don’t need to ask them again!

But the next opportunity you should look for is after a positive outcome on a claims experience, or their renewal. Again, let things settle for a couple of weeks before asking. 

The biggest missed opportunity people drop the ball on asking for a google review is when they’re on a phone call and the customer is complimenting someone on the team. 

If you’re on a call, and a customer says something like “Rachel is always on the ball and takes such good care of me when I ask all these silly questions”. 

STOP THE CONVERSATION in its tracks and say these exact words 

“OMG that’s so awesome to hear, if I send you a quick email with a link would you mind leaving a google review saying exactly that. We’re trying to get more reviews, so when people find us online, they know what it’s like to work with our team”

Do these three things, and I guarantee you’ll get more google reviews. 

  1. Ask after a new household policy binds
  2. Ask after positive claims/renewals experience
  3. Ask when someone compliments your team during calls or meetings.

The secret ingredient to getting more reviews is there is no secret.

The secret to getting more reviews is

It comes down to writing good business, being there when your clients need you the most, and realizing your product isn’t the policy, it’s providing a client experience that your competitors can’t or won’t.

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