Welcome To The Marketing Secrets Club!

Remember 2020? We all had to adapt, and I was amazed by the creativity and drive of the creator community. They didn’t just start businesses – they sparked vibrant communities.

That’s why I’ve been connecting with you through the Thursday Thrive Letter and active social media engagement. Now, I’m thrilled to introduce the Marketing Secrets Club!

You’ll still get my insights in the Thursday Thrive Letter, but the Club is for those ready to go beyond. Here’s what it means to be a member:

🔥 Unveiling the Marketing Secrets Club. 🔥

While the Thursday Thrive Letter remains your portal to consistent insights, the Marketing Secrets Club is your VIP access to the inner circle. Ready to skyrocket past your competition? Here’s your toolkit:

Exclusive Club Benefits:

    1. In-Depth Monthly Courses: No more skimming the surface. Get practical strategies to apply right away.
    2. Direct Access: Join me in monthly office hours. A prime chance to tackle your marketing challenges with me!
    3. Interact with other members! 

📈 Value? Given the depth and range of courses on offer, it’s easily worth $500/month. But wait…

🎉 Exclusive Offer: When you sign up, you’ll get an opportunity to book a private 30 minute call with me to ask me anything you want about marketing.

This isn’t your nana’s facebook group. You don’t even need facebook to join, it’s a true private community built on circle.

Check out some upcoming topics:

  1. SEO: Boost your online presence and organic reach.
  2. Content Marketing: Create impactful content that sets you apart.
  3. Social Media Algorithms: Optimize your content for better engagement.
  4. Influencer Marketing: Leverage micro-influencers to reach trusted audiences.
  5. Customer Personas: Fine-tune your marketing with detailed personas.
  6. Email Marketing: Enhance campaigns through segmentation and personalization.
  7. Google My Business: Increase local visibility.
  8. Customer Journey Mapping: Track your customer’s path for smarter marketing.
  9. Competitor Analysis: Stay informed and gain a competitive edge.
  10. Repurposing Content: Extend content life by adapting it for various formats.
  11. Psychology in Marketing: Utilize principles like social proof and urgency.
  12. Referral Marketing: Turn customers into brand advocates.
  13. Event Marketing: Attract customers with engaging events.
  14. A/B Testing: Improve conversion rates through ongoing testing.
  15. Retargeting Campaigns: Re-engage prospects for better ad returns.
  16. Podcast Marketing: Reach new audiences and build your authority.
  17. CRM Software: Streamline customer interactions for better results.
  18. Video Marketing: Embrace video to enhance online engagement.
  19. Voice Search Optimization: Get ready for the rise of voice-activated searches.
  20. Mobile Optimization: Make your marketing mobile-friendly.
  21. chatGPT: Tips on using chatGPT for content creation and revision.


Still here? It’s decision time. Secure your spot, dominate your niche, and redefine your marketing game