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Are Your Emails Landing in Spam? Here’s how to check in 4 steps.

Are Your Emails Landing in Spam? Here’s how to check in 4 steps.

If you’ve ever sent out a broadcast to your list or hit send on an outbound campaign, one of the most nerve wracking things I can think of is, are these emails landing in spam? And how can I tell if I’m ending up in the spam folder, or in the inbox where my perfectly crafted email belongs.

While many marketers focus on catchy subjects and engaging content, the technical side of email deliverability often gets overlooked. And believe me, I can’t stress its importance enough.

Today, let me introduce you to GlockApps – a hidden gem in the realm of email marketing. (And no, it’s not that Glock.)

Here’s how you can make sure your emails aren’t in the spam folder:

  • Step 1) create a freemium account on GlockApps
  • Step 2) use one of your 3 free credits
  • Step 3) Send emails to the addresses they give you, with the code in the body of the email. 
  • Step 4) Wait about 10 minutes and review your email domain’s deliverability health.

Not only will GlockApps show you where your emails are landing, but it also offers actionable recommendations to rectify any identified issues. The tool achieves this by sending your test emails to different systems, giving you a comprehensive look at deliverability.

How it works is all those email addresses that you sent an email to are on different systems, and they’ve got systems built to show you the results.

How often should you do this? It really depends on how much email you’re sending. For my day job I check it every month for both our primary and outbound domain. For the newsletter I checked in last time in June.

For a detailed video walkthrough of GlockApps and more marketing insights, don’t forget to sign up for Marketing Secrets Club. Take your email game to the next level!

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