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Unlocking Success: The No-Brainer Tech Stack Every Insurance Agency Should Steal

steal my tech stack

Alright folks, it’s time to spill the beans on the wizardry behind the curtain for the tech stack I use to grow my newsletter. Pay close attention because what you’re about to read is like finding Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. And guess what? No creepy singing dwarfs included!

1) Copywriting: My secret sauce for amazing content? ChatGPT. I know what you’re thinking – “Oh no, not another AI takeover!” But hold onto your tinfoil hats! This AI does most of the heavy lifting, writing outlines and coming up with ideas faster than a caffeinated college student during finals week. Plus, it doesn’t argue about the last slice of pizza, win-win!

2) Grammar: Now, for those pesky grammar errors that sneak into your text like cockroaches in a college dorm. For that, I use the Hemingway App. It’s like having an English teacher who won’t hold you after class for comma misuse. Fun fact, it’s also named after a dude who knew a thing or two about writing.

3) Images: Canva and MidJourney are my one-two punch for images. Canva is the peanut butter to my creative jelly, it’s so easy a caveman could do it. And MidJourney? That’s for when I’m feeling fancy, like wearing a top hat to the grocery store.

4) SEO: Keywords Everywhere is my secret weapon. It’s like having a magic mirror that tells me exactly what the Interwebs is obsessed with. Except it’s less “Who’s the fairest of them all?” and more How likely will I be able to rank for “dogecoin for insurance”

5) Website: I’m running my website on WordPress and Namecheap because, let’s be honest, who has time to learn a new CMS between Netflix binges? It’s got more plug-ins than a Christmas light display and it’s user-friendly enough for my mom to use.

6) Newsletter: Then there’s Sendfox, the powerhouse behind my newsletter. It’s like the Post Office, but digital and with fewer grumpy employees. It’s my Santa’s sleigh for delivering all my content goodies right to your inbox.

7) Social Scheduling: My secret to maintaining a social life and posting on social media? Hypefury. It’s like having a social media assistant, but without having to share your snacks. It keeps my posts as regular as your morning coffee-induced bathroom break.

So, go ahead, plunder my tech stack! It’s like stealing the cookie recipe from grandma – I might be a little salty, but at least everyone gets cookies!

Disclaimer: Several of these are affiliate links, if you choose to sign up I will receive a commission from the company.

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