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Unlock the Secret of Cold Emailing for Insurance Sales

Unlock the Secret of Cold Emailing for Insurance Sales

So you want to start growing your book of business, and you’ve been hearing about cold email as an alternative to traditional marketing. I’m not going to droll on about the ethics and morality of cold email. Or all the rules and laws you need to follow. If you’re this far into the journey, I would hope you’ve already got a grasp of all that.

I’m also not going to be giving you a step-by-step guide on buying a new domain, setting up the DNS, DKIM, and DMARC settings, or how to setup google workspace or office 365. Those are all the steps you’ll need to do before you implement what you’re about to learn. Yes you will need a new domain, because protecting your primary domain is really that important. Along with a separate Google or Office workspace.

What we are going to talk about today is a workflow that WILL help you grow your book of business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a scratch agent, a producer just trying to write more business, or an agency owner with an entire team.

First off, you will need 4 things.

  1. A source of leads, I recommend something like Cole X-Dates if your focus is personal lines
  2. A cold email marketing tool like Instantly.ai
  3. That new Google Workspace account I mentioned above
  4. chatGPT (you don’t need it, but in my experience, people get hung up on the content, not the implementation of cold email)

The first step to ANY marketing activity is planning and research.

Right, let’s get down to brass tacks. Who’s your prey—uh, I mean, your beloved clients? Knowing your target market is the name of the game. Without it, you’re a lone ranger wandering aimlessly in the Wild West of insurance sales.

Think about it. What types of insurance are you peddling? Is it car insurance? In that case, your perfect client isn’t a bicycle enthusiast who believes that cars are killing Mother Earth. Health insurance? Probably not ideal for the mountain hermit who’s been treating his ailments with herbs for the past 30 years.

Is your clientele buried deep in the corporate jungle? Or maybe they’re tilling the soil in the farming industry? You get the point. Don’t be the door-to-door salesman who tries to sell ice to Eskimos. Let’s make sure we’re selling umbrellas when it’s raining, not when everyone’s sunbathing. So, go forth, do your homework, and define your target market. It’s not rocket surgery, but it sure is the cornerstone of this entire operation.

Now it’s time for the lead generation.

Alright, let’s talk about fishing – and no, I don’t mean for trout. I’m talking about fishing for leads, and your bait is Cole X-Dates. See, this nifty tool is like a treasure map, guiding you to a gold mine of prospects right within your target market. And it’s not just a list of names; it’s like having a crystal ball.

What’s that? You don’t believe in magic? Well, you might start when you see how Cole X-Dates can tell you exactly when someone’s insurance policy is set to expire. I know, right? It’s like knowing exactly when the fruit is ripe for the picking. This info is hotter than a summer barbecue, and it’s going to be your secret sauce to build a juicy list of folks who could be in the market for a new policy.

Remember, these people aren’t just potential leads; they’re individuals, real people looking for an insurance lifeline. And with Cole X-Dates, you’ll be the first to throw them a buoy, just as their old policy sinks into the sunset. So, ready your fishing gear, and let’s reel in some leads!

This really should be the third step, but it’s okay to generate the leads, then write the emails. I like to use this as an opportunity to think about how I’m going to write the emails.

Okay, but what do you send these new leads?

Okay, so now you’ve got your list of leads. Picture it as a fishing net full of potential. And what’s the next step? Well, we’re going to charm those fish with the sweetest bait out there: good old-fashioned personalized emails. And no, I’m not suggesting you start penning love letters.

Say hello to your new best friend, ChatGPT. This handy tool is like having a Shakespeare of sales copy in your back pocket. It’ll help you whip up some killer emails that hit home like grandma’s apple pie.

But remember, it’s not just about creating an email that would make Hemingway proud. You’ve got to make your reader feel like they’re the star of the show. No “Dear Sir/Madam” or “To whom it may concern.” You’re not writing a Victorian novel here.

Personalization is the secret ingredient. It’s the cherry on top, the hot sauce in your burrito, the… well, you get the picture. It makes your emails stand out in an inbox faster than a pink flamingo at a penguin party. So, dust off that keyboard and let’s get personal with your prospects!

Have no fear, I also have two secret prompts already created for you.

Cold emailing can be a powerful tool for growing your book of business in the insurance industry. While we didn’t dive into the nitty-gritty of setting up DNS settings or buying new domains (let’s save that for another day), we focused on the essential steps to get you started.

Remember, planning and research are your trusty sidekicks. Knowing your target market is like having a compass in the Wild West of insurance sales. And speaking of fishing, Cole X-Dates is the treasure map that leads you straight to a gold mine of prospects. It’s like knowing exactly when the fruit is ripe for the picking, only it’s insurance policies we’re talking about.

But it’s not just about the leads; it’s about the art of personalized emails. No “Dear Sir/Madam” nonsense here. We want to make our readers feel like the stars of the show, not characters from a dusty old novel. Personalization is the secret ingredient that makes your emails stand out, like a pink flamingo at a penguin party. So let those creative juices flow and craft emails that hit home like grandma’s apple pie (minus the calories).

And hey, if you ever need a little extra help in the email crafting department, ChatGPT is your loyal companion. It’s like having a Shakespeare of sales copy in your back pocket. Just remember, they can’t guarantee your prospects will swoon like Romeo and Juliet, but they’ll definitely take notice.

So, grab your fishing gear, cast that net of potential, and reel in those leads with irresistible emails. With a dash of humor, a sprinkle of wit, and a pinch of professionalism, you’ll unlock the secret of cold emailing for insurance sales. Happy emailing, and may your inbox be filled with responses as sweet as a summer breeze

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