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Adding Video To Your Emails : How I Do It

Adding video to your email : How I do it

How to Add Video to Your Emails: A Practical Guide

Why Use Video Thumbnails in Emails?

Videos are a powerful tool in email marketing, but embedding them directly can lead to your emails ending up in the spam folder. The reason? Too much HTML. While some email service providers offer an embed feature, this adds an extra layer of HTML, increasing the spam risk. A more effective approach is to use video thumbnails. These provide a visual teaser of your video content without overloading your email with HTML. This method works across various platforms, including Active Campaign, Better Agency, HubSpot, and ConvertKit.

The Process of Adding Thumbnails

The process of incorporating video thumbnails into your emails is straightforward. Start by taking a screenshot of your video – this will act as the thumbnail. Don’t worry if the screenshot isn’t perfect; it’s just an example. Next, upload this image to a graphic design tool like Canva. Canva conveniently offers a resizing feature for YouTube thumbnails, ensuring your image fits perfectly within your email template.

Step-by-Step Guide to Embedding Video Thumbnails in Emails

Creating an Engaging Thumbnail

Once you’ve uploaded your screenshot to Canva, it’s time to make it engaging. Add a play button from the elements section to give the impression that your image is a playable video. This visual cue prompts the recipient to click on the image, increasing engagement. After designing your thumbnail, download it and prepare to add it to your email.

Embedding the Thumbnail in Your Email

Embedding the thumbnail in your email is a breeze. If you’re using ConvertKit or any similar email marketing platform, simply add the image to your email draft. Ensure the image is linked to the actual video, so when recipients click on the thumbnail, they’re directed to your video. This seamless integration of the thumbnail not only makes your email visually appealing but also increases the likelihood of your audience engaging with your video content.

Using video thumbnails in your emails is a simple yet effective way to incorporate video content without the risk of landing in the spam folder. This approach works with all major email providers and ensures your emails remain visually appealing and engaging. Try this method in your next email campaign and see the difference it makes in your engagement rates.

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