Nick Berry

Fractional CMO for Insurance Agencies

Everyone starts out with great intentions. You’re going to publish so many blogs, or youtube videos. And you might even stick with it for a few weeks maybe even a few months.

And you’re almost there, the numbers are starting to improve. You’re seeing more search traffic, more leads are mentioning your content on calls.

You're almost there with your content marketing

Look at that, with constant work, comes constant growth, and things are working.

But then something else comes up, a producer quits, a carrier drops out of the market, whatever, but you let off the gas.

What happens when you stop distributing and producing content

You stop producing and distributing your content. And things are better than you when started, but they’ve just kind of stagnated. But now you’ve got that doubting feeling you don’t want to get started again just to fall off the hamster wheel.

Listen I get it, creating new content is a huge hassle. Especially if that’s not in your wheel house. Even if you love doing it, there’s so much other “profitable” stuff you feel like you should be doing.

In the ideal world every business would just have an in house marketer who does all this work.

But let’s be honest, that’s an expensive proposition. They need a salary, they need tools, and most importantly they need time. Because this stuff all takes time to work.

I am coming to the rescue. I have spent the last 7 years working in the insurtech space, mostly working in marketing for saas companies. And this idea has been brewing for several years.

In fact at a conference in San Diego several years ago a friend joked to another agent they should just hire me. My response was you can’t afford me. And that’s still true. There aren’t many agencies that have the resources to hire a full stack marketer.

Those charts from above? Those are from an agency I helped with this exact problem.

He went from captive to a scratch independent insurance agency. He had a decent contact list, but no idea where to start when it came to content marketing.

So we followed my exact distribution model. Create a bunch of content around a few subjects, promote it on email, social media, and he added a video distribution channel too.

See that peak in the summer? That’s when things took off after several months of consistency. Then he had a bunch of other stuff that took priority like all agents face, and let off the gas on content and distribution. While it’s better than where he started, things dropped off.

What if you had access to a self proclaimed “World Class Marketer” on a fractional level. Someone who can actually implement this stuff. Who will help you identify your content silos. Build out the entire strategy for you, and then run with it. No need for holding hands, you know quality content is going to be produced, AND distributed using the tools and resources you probably already have.

If this sounds like something you need in your life, let’s talk asap. I am only taking one of these clients on a month.

What all does this include?

Everything in the content catalyst, but I do everything except video.

  • Complete audit of existing content, and marketing strategy
  • Creating your entire content silo strategy
  • 4 Blog posts written, and published every month
  • Email copy written written both for scheduled distribution, and drip content
  • Social media content scheduling or posting, including copy and branded graphics or images
  • Unlimited edits per article
  • Marketing Secrets Club membership
  • Youtube video script for each article

Fractional CMO

$ 3500 Month
  • Creating your content strategy
  • 4 Blog posts every month
  • Email Copy
  • Social Media Content
  • Unlimited edits per blog post
  • Save 15% by paying annually
  • Only 1 agency a month

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Not ready for the full monte?

I get it, we’ve all been there. You’re still a smaller agency, and don’t have the full budget to have me do all this work for you.

You’re in luck. I created a version where you implement, but I still do the rest of the heavy lifting.

Including training and coaching to help you get the most out of the content created for you.

I call this Content Catalyst. All the same features as above, you just implement it on your own.