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Handwritten Cards: The Underrated Tool for Insurance Customer Retention

Handwritten Cards: The Underrated Tool For Insurance Customer Retention

What are the benefits of handwritten cards for customer retention?

In the digital age, where inboxes are inundated with promotional emails and spam, a physical, handwritten card emerges as a breath of fresh air. It tells your client, “Hey, we’ve gone the extra mile for you.” Think about it. When was the last time you received a handwritten note? You probably felt special, appreciated, even a smidge nostalgic. For insurance agencies, that little piece of paper becomes a powerful reminder of the human touch, building trust and fostering emotional connections.

Cards help in bridging the gap often felt in the often too mechanical world of insurance. Making your clients feel valued isn’t just a lovely gesture; it’s smart business. When customers feel a personal connection, they’re less likely to jump ship when a competitor offers a slightly lower rate.

How do handwritten cards compare to emails and texts for insurance customer communication?

Now, don’t get me wrong. Emails and texts have their place. They’re quick, convenient, and let’s face it, eco-friendlier. But let’s play a game. Think back to the last ten emails or texts you received from service providers. Remember any? Probably not. Now, think about the last handwritten note you received. Ah, much clearer, isn’t it?

Handwritten cards, with their tangible presence, have a staying power that digital messages often lack. They sit on tables, get pinned to bulletin boards, and sometimes even make it to the refrigerator door. Every time your client sees it, it’s a gentle reminder of your agency’s effort to stay connected. In contrast, emails often get lost in the shuffle or sent straight to the trash.

How often should insurance agencies send handwritten cards to clients?

“Everything in moderation,” as they say. You don’t want to overdo it and seem pushy. But sending out cards at strategic moments can make all the difference. Let’s start with birthdays. Everyone loves getting a birthday card. It’s a no-brainer. But here’s a pro-tip: sending thank you notes for referrals is like a double win. You appreciate the existing client and make an impression on the potential one.

Following up with a note after a renewal or sending out a thank you card after a new account shows proactivity. It tells your clients, “We don’t take you for granted.” And honestly, who doesn’t love being appreciated? Use tools like Zapier to automate reminders for these occasions, ensuring you never miss out.

What should an insurance agency write in a customer retention card?

Content is king, even in a card. You want to strike the right balance between professionalism and warmth. Start with gratitude; a genuine “Thank You” goes a long way. Be concise, be authentic, and for heaven’s sake, avoid jargon. Imagine you’re sitting across from your client at a café. How would you thank them in person? Translate that to paper.

For birthdays, a simple wish will do. For referrals, mention how much you value their trust. After renewals, acknowledge their continued partnership. And for new accounts, warmly welcome them aboard. The key is personalization. Generic, run-of-the-mill messages are easy to spot and don’t foster connection. So, take a moment, think about the client, and let your pen flow!

In the fast-paced world of insurance, standing out requires more than just following the crowd. It demands innovation, personal touch, and sometimes, a return to basics. But here’s the real secret sauce: leveraging technology to amplify that personal touch. Curious? Join the Marketing Secrets Club where we peel back the curtain and give you an exclusive video walkthrough on how to seamlessly integrate thanks.io into your processes. Dive deep into the world where the traditional charm of handwritten notes meets modern automation. Because in today’s world, the future belongs to those who blend the best of both worlds. Join us and redefine your client engagement game.

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