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Steal This Lead Generation Tactic To Generate Exclusive Insurance Leads

Steal This Lead Generation Tactic To Generate Exclusive Insurance Leads

Everybody wants more leads right? What about exclusive insurance leads that have disposable income? Ooh easy there, you’re probably reading this during work hours, and we don’t want an HR incident. 

All kidding aside, I’ve been working out this tactic for months, and I’m finally ready to walk you through it. Everybody and their brother is trying to sell you on a strategy or course to generate leads, either facebook, referral partners, google, etc. But there’s a catch with all of those, you’re competing in an auction, or for the attention of a mortgage loan officer.

This tactic has literally no competition, and as a side benefit will create a metric shit ton of community goodwill.

What’s the tactic? You’re gonna get really angry and close this email or blog when I say it, but here goes. Start an ecommerce brand. I know, like you already don’t have enough shit on your plate, here am I telling you to start another business. But here me out before you rage unsubscribe.

This isn’t just some random ecommerce business, it’s an apparel brand for your community high school sports teams. As a parent of a varsity athlete, I know one fact, our booster club is constantly trying to raise more money. Either through extortion I mean donations from parents, to never ending fundraisers. What if you could help them raise more money, and generate more leads for your agency?!

How do I even get started creating an ecommerce brand?

So here’s the gist of the idea. Hire a local designer to design a t-shirt and hoodie design for each of the varsity sports teams. As an example, what I would do in my community is make Newton Cardinals Football 2024, Newton Cardinals Basketball 2024, Newton Cardinals Baseball 2024, etc designs. You could even start out with Canva, that’s how I made my FAFO Marketing hoodie. 


Buy a new domain something like newtoncardinalsports.com and sign up for shopify, then head to printful.com and create an account.  Now you have everything you would need to start promoting your new ecommerce brand.

You could use a local t-shirt shop to make these, but you’re going to have to carry inventory, and that’s a tough sell with a new idea, so I would start with the Print On Demand services like printful to start.

How do I get people to buy the stuff?

Order some shirts or hoodies for yourself or someone you know that is willing to promote it. Get some pictures of you/them wearing your hoodie around town in front of some landmarks. You now have some ad creative(marketing word for pictures or video).

Once the site is live, I would email my list, and tell them this cool thing you’re doing to support the local community (prospects and customers).

Now you’re a few hundred dollars into this by now, I get it, but you’re going to need to run ads. The awesome thing, ecommerce is so much easier to run ads for than insurance. If you know, you know.

I would start with uploading your customer list into facebook as a custom audience and using that as a look-a-like audience seed. Then you’re going to limit the audience by setting a 25 mile radius around your community and that’s your target audience to start with.

If you’re stuck on what to create as an ad use the Facebook Ad Library for inspiration. RSVLTS is one of my favorite ecommerce brands, and their ads in the library are a good starting point.

Delivery and when do I get the exclusive insurance leads?

I know I promised you exclusive leads, and we’ll get there, first you need to handle getting the goodies in the customers hands. I would have all of the orders delivered to the agency office. And in the communications say to help combat porch pirates, we will call you when your shirt/hoodie/item is delivered. 

Now you’re creating a positive fun experience for the lead, and there’s still no mention of insurance. I know I’m killing you with all this. That’s right we’re still not going to ask them for a quote! Why? Because you’re going to call them in a week.

What you’re going to do is steal this script and you’re going to call them. Because you have their info in the order!

That’s it, that’s the playbook, sell some hoodies, generate exclusive leads, build goodwill in the community.

Now if you loved this, and you want more in-depth trainings, free access to any courses I make, and even a monthly call with me I would suggest you check out the Marketing Secrets Club. This ain’t your nana’s facebook group. It’s a private community just for insurance agents looking to get better at or understand marketing better. And you can get instant access for $39 a month.

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