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FAFO Marketing Sticker

FAFO Marketing Sticker - Fuck Around and Find Out

So you clicked the link and you want your very own FAFO Marketing Sticker.

Before I let you have the sticker, there’s a few things you need to know.

FAFO isn’t a brand, it’s not the name of my company. It’s a extreme reduction of the scientific principle.

It’s literally how I approach marketing. F^*k Around and Find Out. 

I have ideas, I have theories. And the only way to test those ideas and theories is to try them. To take action. And of that doesn’t work, let’s try something else, or how can we improve what we did.

I only want you to sign up for a sticker, if you’re ready to take action.

Fill out the form below. And I’ll mail you a FAFO Marketing sticker for free.

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Now if you want a FAFO Marketing Hoodie. There’s only two ways you can get one. Become a TechMarketer customer, or send me a referral that becomes a TechMarketer customer.

FAFO - Fuck Around and Find Out Marketing Sticker