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How to Use LinkedIn Without Sliding in the DMs and Still Close More Deals

How to Use LinkedIn Without Sliding in the DMs and Still Close More Deals

This is an idea I’ve been trying to get salespeople to use for YEARS. Every single sales team I’ve worked with has begged me to help them set up LinkedIn automation systems. And I’ve flat out refused. Why? Because they give me the ick.


Why do they give me the ick? Because my views on marketing and sales don’t align with most people in the industry. I’ve always approached sales and marketing like it’s a relationship, because it is. And automating things like DMs has never ever made sense to me if you’re trying to build relationships with your prospects and customers. Would you automate communications with your spouse or nana? My DMs are for friends, colleagues, and strangers on the internet to send memes, gifs, and just chat.

Don’t come at me with your nonsense, it’s the same crap people say about SMS marketing, the open rates make it worth it. Forget that noise. You know why SMS campaigns get such high open rates, because people hate notifications. That’s it. Same with DM notifications, and LinkedIn is the WORST about that, you’ll get it in the app, you’ll get them on the website, and don’t get me started about all those email notifications from LinkedIn.

But I digress, let’s get back on task here. The process is really pretty damn simple.

How to Use LinkedIn Without Sliding in the DMs and Still Close More Deals

When you meet a client, prospect or lead, send them a connection request with a note. Below is one I use pretty regularly after trade shows.

Hey {{firstname}}, I was just rummaging through my desk and found a stack of cards from  {{tradeshow}}. I figured, why not send a connection request? No pitch, no sales, just good vibes.

Here’s one I would use if I was in b2b SaaS a day or two after a meeting

Hey {{firstname}}, Thanks for meeting with me, I know it’s only been a couple of days since we talked, but figured a connection request wouldn’t be too invasive. No pitch, no sales, just good vibes and maybe a gif or meme. (how do you pronounce gif btw)

See how that works, no sales pitch, no ick, just a little self deprecating humor, and internet memery.

Now here’s the tricky part, DON’T MESSAGE THEM AGAIN. If they DM you, that’s fine, but still, remember what we told them, no sales pitches. If they ask to book a call, or something that’s cool, but resist the sales temptation to try and pitch them.

Instead you’re going to start posting once a week on your own account about topics your prospects give a shit about. Not your product, not the problems you solve, but the things they talk about on your calls, in your meetings, or anytime you talk to them.

Then you’re going to keep posting, and sending more connection requests. 

Congratulations you have started doing content marketing.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to the beach.

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