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Steal this chatGPT prompt to create better content

Steal this chatGPT prompt to create better content

You’re using chatGPT wrong, and I’m here to show you how insurance agents should be using it to create content.

I’ll be honest with you, almost all of the tactics and strategies I use and share are tactically acquired from other sources. 

I was procrastinating earlier today, avoiding writing this post at all costs, doing what any normal marketer would do, doom scrolling instagram reels. Even though I literally have dozens of ideas of things that you would find valuable none of them were hitting my creative juices just right, but then I came across some dude on a stage talking about how Realtors should be using chatGPT and I said out loud, “holy shit, I need to steal this.” So that’s what we’re going to do.

That’s it, that’s the post. See you next week.

bye bye bandit

Just kidding, I’m going to walk you through exactly what he means in that video.We’re not going to use it to create ads though, we’re going to use it to create better content! 

By the end of this issue you’ll be able to create content that doesn’t suck, and that people will actually want to consume!

Creating the buyer persona

First off, buyer personas are super important. I haven’t really talked much about them, they’re kind of an expected part of the process for me. But chatGPT really does need that info. For me when i’m creating content, writing emails, or ads I’m writing for a specific person in mind. My buyer persona.

So here’s a prompt to get you started.

create a buyer persona for my insurance agency, we’re looking for people buying homes between $300,000 and $500,000 and need to get insurance quotes for their new home

Take that persona, copy it into a google doc, and read it until it’s burned into your memory. My secret is I have this persona of who I want to work with burned into my soul at this point. Every time I’m writing an email, creating a newsletter/blog post, or even ads I’m creating them for “Dave” and only “Dave”. I’ve had multiple tell me these emails and posts feel so personal, because they are. That’s my approach for creating content. I didn’t create them for everyone, I made them “Dave”

Let’s list some problems.

Having a persona is one step, but identifying problems is probably one of the most powerful ways to get started with content, or ads. 

Here’s a prompt for step 2.

Now let’s list out some problems this persona might have when getting insurance for their new home purchase

Creating some content ideas

Now you’ve created a persona, listed a shit ton of problems, but what are we going to do with them? Create some damn content already! Well some content ideas. We’re going to reuse another prompt series I gave you awhile ago.

First off, you’re going to take one of the above problems, and use it in this prompt. Remember chatGPT works best when we feed it very specific information.

Take this problem {{topic}} and brainstorm a list of articles based on popular search terms and long tail variations that are likely to be easy to rank on Google. Present the results in a table with proposed article title, another for target keyword and a 3rd for popularity level of the keyword between 1 and 100

Get some questions flowing

Google really likes it when you answer specific questions people ask, so let’s seed chatGPT with some questions it thinks people might ask about the topic.

What are 5 questions people have about {{topic}}

Knowledge graph entities and sup-topics, your SEO secret weapon

Another thing google loves are these things called knowledge graph entities and sub-topics, if you’re including these in your content, chances are you know what the hell you’re talking about. Or at least know how to structure your content in a way both humans and algorithms can consume it. So let’s get some!

Which entities and sub-topics should I mention in a beginner’s guide to {{topic}}

Now it’s time for the magic, creating the content!

Like I’ve told you 73 times before, don’t take what chatGPT outputs and just copy/paste it. You need to edit it, make sure it matches your tone and voice, and most importantly make sure it’s accurate information! chatGPT is not your personal copywriter, at best it’s someone you hired on fiverr. You’re responsible for anything you publish.

That being said, it’s pretty good most of the time, especially when creating content it has a lot of background data on. So here’s the prompt I would use.

We’re ready to write. Let’s start with at least 1500 words ​​in a tone that is straightforward, informative, and at times, slightly humorous. The author is direct in their communication and takes a no-nonsense approach when discussing the topic. Break up the paragraphs with relevant subheadings.

If you’re this far into the post, go sign up for the Marketing Secrets Club for $39 a month (yeah I changed the price and got rid of the offer, because this stuff is that valuable). You’ll get the video walkthrough, the prompt document, and even the original chatGPT link to this process.

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